"The Professional Service Training Program "

Developing a Professional Service Training Program is an endorsed CMAA/CMI workshop and participants will earn six (6) CMI credits. The workshop is designed to provide specific, step-by-step procedures to plan, develop, implement and maintain a professional service training program for your restaurant. You will learn how a professional service training program will dramatically improve customer service and significantly increase sales.
There are four components of "The Professional Service Training Program" seminar:
  • Developing Your Service Procedure Manuals and Testing - Manual Maker Pro 2.0
  • Installing a Professional Service and Salesmanship Training Program - Workbook/Forms
  • Installing Performance Monitoring Systems - Mystery Shopping and Surveying
  • Establishing an Associate Incentive/Reward System - Recognition, Awards and Prizes
The workshop utilizes RCI's Manual Maker Pro 2.0 software, which is discounted 50% from standard retail pricing for seminar attendees. This unique software will enable attendees to produce custom-fitted, professional service procedure manuals and testing for the host, cocktail server, bartender, server and server assistant positions. The workshop format includes specific direction to define the personal attributes, service and salesmanship procedures of your club's service associates by position. Define your club's criteria for personal appearance, public relations, rules of service, service procedures, suggestive selling, up - selling, as well as legal and code compliance. The workshop provides instruction for customizing your manuals to fit the specific needs of your operation.

Planning and implementing fun, interactive Service and Selling Workshops is the key to transferring the information from the service procedure manuals to an actionable format. The seminar instruction includes a information for organizing the workshops, scheduling, lesson plans and direction for conducting the workshops. The workshop format features interactive rehearsal/role play and performance finals to ready your staff and provide an acceptable comfort level for performing their service and salesmanship job functions.

In addition, the workshop will include information on how monitoring systems will provide constant feedback on the performance of the service staff. Learn how member-based mystery shopping can allow you to continually monitor your service staff's performance and serve as a basis for a motivational incentive/reward program.

Attendees may subscribe to RCI's Mystery Shopping and GuesTrak*trade; online survey program at discounted pricing.

Restaurant Consultants, Inc. (RCI) easy-to-use Manual Maker Pro a software provides a simple, step-by-step process to produce customized service procedure manuals for your club. Manuals for front-of-house service positions include host, bartender, server and server assistant positions. Instruction shows how to customize your service procedure manuals, involving your management and key service personnel in the planning and development process.
  • Establish criteria for personal appearance, public relations and rules of service
  • Define service procedures complete with scripting and service timings
  • Improve product knowledge for improved representation of menu products
  • Improved service enhances customer's dining experience and builds visit frequency
  • Build ticket averages with suggestive selling
  • Establish revenue creating up-selling techniques

The workshop format provides instruction for organizing, scheduling, conducting the workshop utilizing rehearsal/role play. The service and selling workshop is utilized to teach and rehearse the components of the service training manuals. You will learn to establish effective role - play and conduct associate performance finals to fine-tune and polish your service associates, as well as provide individual certification.
  • Scheduling service and selling workshop
  • Organizing service and selling workshop
  • Conducting the workshop
  • Utilizing rehearsal and role play
  • Testing and certification
  • Retraining criteria for sub-par performance

Mystery shopping and customer survey program provide performance feedback, on-going training for service associates and establishes the basis for simple, but effective incentive/reward system.
  • Installing member-based mystery shopping services
  • Installing an effective customer survey program
  • Using scoring for a motivational associate incentive/reward program

You'll learn how a simple incentive/reward program can boost performance and a commission system can increase sales of high profit menu items.
  • Establishing an award token system
  • Setting - up the incentive/award system
  • How to administrate the incentive/reward program
How to organize and administrate a sales commission system
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