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RCI Makes The Sale Process Simple

RCI Business Brokers specializes in the sale and acquisition of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and taverns. We are incredibly well connected, aggressive marketers and we get results.

Business Fine Tuning. Restaurant consulting are services available, as required, to fine-tune and properly posture the restaurant for sale. In addition to marketing and selling your restaurant, we also can assist in getting it ready to sell with consulting services to fine-tune and posturing restaurant to improve performance and the potential to sell at top dollar.

RCI Brokers works much the same way as real estate brokers, but we only sell restaurants, bars, nightclubs and taverns and therefore, we do it better.

Not a One-Man Job

For all business owners, there will come a time when you decide to sell your business, but many people fail to realize that the process of selling can be just as hard work as running the business itself.

Potential buyers will be demanding information about your business. They will also be requiring your time to help them learn about your business and depend on your personal comments to build their interest further.

Selling a business is not a one-man job and owners should not attempt to do so, no matter how small the restaurant. Using the assistance of professionals will help sell your business successfully and these people include solicitors, accountants and business brokers.

Using Professional Assistance

Selling a restaurant is a process that should not be attempted by the owner,without the assistance of professionals. A buyer will almost certainly use assistance to help them buy a business and without the use of professionals, you could end up being on the wrong side of the deal.

There are three main sources of professional assistance that you should consider using: accountant, solicitor and business broker. It may be that you already employ a qualified accountant to deal with your accounts and so they should gladly further assist you throughout the process of selling.

RCI will recast your financials to reflect the actual profit the business is producing. These up-to-date fanancials will be required by the buyer for confirm the financial status of your business . They can further be used to help put a value on your business, as they will know the best method to obtain a realistic price. In most cases, a buyer will depend on the seller (you) to help them finance the sale: in which case, an accountant can draw up a policy that can allow the buyer to, say, pay installments.

Preparing the Business for Sale

Before you put your restaurant on the market, it is important that you prepare the restaurant for sale. As soon as your business hits the market, it will be the start of an intense period. Failing to prepare the restaurant for sale will cause potential buyers lose interest: due to the lack of organization - one of the main causes why restaurants don't.

There are two reasons to prepare your restaurant for sale:

1) Performing at Peak. Your business should be performing at its peak when it placed on the market. By improving service and food products, operations and efficiency (through staff training and motivation). It may be necessary to improve the physical appearance of the restaurant and staff, as well as the plating and presentation of the food and beverages.

2) Up to Date Records and Reports. Potential buyers will require up to date records and reports that portray the state of the restaurant.

You may find that during the preparation of your business, from what you achieve by gathering all the information and generally improving operations, you could find a reason to increase the value of your business.

Further, it is a time to identify outstanding problems within your business so that they can be rectified before the potential buyer finds them. The lack of existing problems within the business will give you reason to maintain your asking price and will also give the potential buyer confidence of a successful business.


Maintaining the confidentiality of selling your business is important throughout the sales process. If customers find out that your business is for sale, some will have a negative response where some (mainly your competitors) may take advantage affecting your chances of selling. If your employees find out the business is for sales, they may start looking for another job.

You will have to inform your staff and customers at some point, but RCI will tell you when and how - when it is the right time to do so, preferably when your business has entered the final stages of the selling process.

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