RCI Service Training Program

Validate the importance of customer service and salesmanship by establishing a professional service and salesmanship training program at your restaurant. RCI provides a complete installation package for installing a professional service and salesmanship program that will dramatically improve customer service and salesmanship - bringing customers back again and again and adding dollars to the bottom line.

Innovative training format feature a self-study program, interactive workshops and a training format the builds teamwork, computer multi-media presentation, product knowledge exercises, menu tasting and with certification testing and performance finals.

RCI installation manuals, workshop lesson plans guide and management forms guide your management team in the planning, development and implementation of an professional training program to maintain the standards of service and salesmanship. Workshops train, rehearse and fine-tune your service staff’s public relations, rules of service, service procedures, wine service, up-selling and suggestive selling techniques, as well as food and beverage product knowledge.

The RCI Service and Selling Training Program, coupled with manuals produced with Manual Maker Pro will dramatically improve customer service and increases ticket averages, sales and profits through effective up-selling and suggestive selling training.

The RCI Service and Salesmanship Training Program inlcudes:
  • Installation manual
  • Administrative forms and hand-outs
  • Team building exercises
  • Computer multi-media supported training
  • Management administrated performance finals
  • Administrating Manual Maker Pro testing
  • Certification for successful workshop completion
Benefits of the RCI Service and Salesmanship Training Program:
  • Establish a solid basis for success, motivating staff to excel
  • Ensure successful performance lowers staff turn-over
  • Role-play dramatically improve associate’s confidence and performance
  • Train staff to improve service and salesmanship
  • Emphasize the importance of salesmanship to increase check averages
  • Provides management with valuable training experience

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