Associate Incentive / Reward Program

Motivate your service staff to improve their service and salesmanship, which will improve ticket averages, sales and profits. It is simple, motivational and cost-effective. RCI will provide you with a set-up kit to install and Associate Incentive / Reward Program at your restaurant.


This simple incentive / reward system, based on mystery shopping and/or GuesTrak™ scoring, as well as management initiated criteria, rewards service associates with restaurants certificates, movie tickets, video store certificates and other entertainment venues.


To make this associate incentive / reward system cost-effective, trade-outs are utilized with participating area businesses. Trading food certificates for your restaurant for certificates for other businesses, means that the cost of the certificate is only your food cost. But, the perceived or "real" value to the associate is face value of the certificate.

A $10.00 certificate only costs the restaurant $3.33 (33% food cost), but the associate "receives" a value of $10.00.

By only trading certificates for food, there is the opportunity to sell beverages to decrease the cost of the trade-out.

Simple, motivational and cost-effective.
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