RCI Mystery Shopping

RCI Mystery Shopping is the next generation mystery shopping service. RCI's proprietary state-of-the-art online computerized shopping reports are designed to provide a powerful coaching tool to improve service associate's performance and to serve as a basis for a motivational incentive/reward program. Read More

Over ten times the detail of other reports, but easy to read with corporate summaries, trend summary and monthly ranking reports.

  • State-of-the-art online computerized shopping reports
  • Automated recommendations for all sub-par scoring
  • Individual associate reports for coaching and incentive/rewards
  • Performance charts provide visual display
  • Lost sales and tips charting to motivate service associates
  • Reviewer comments and suggestions
  • Trend summary report tracks monthly and year-to-date unit scoring deviations
  • Multi-Unit Performance Ranking Report
Multi-unit Monthly Ranking Report with year-to-date performance charting and trending

You can't expect what you don't inspect!

To maintain a high level of customer service and salesmanship, and protect the investment in training, operators must continually monitor their staff’s performance and their adherence to your restaurant’s service and salesmanship criteria.

Rated by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine as a "Source of Trust."

RCI Mystery Shop Sample. Request a sample RCI Mystery Shop with Monthly Ranking Report by clicking on the following contact link to request the samples. Request Sample

RCI Mystery Shopping Fact Sheet

RCI Mystery Shopping Reports contain five to ten times the detail than any other mystery shopping systems. Most other mystery shopping companies use the Sassie online system, which does not even come close to the RCI's proprietary system.

The RCI Mystery Shopping Fact Sheet shows how superior our system compared to the other shopping programs... Read More
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