RCI Mystery Shopping Articles

"Servers Beware"- Wall Street Journal

Restaurant Consultants' shoppers visit client's restaurants multiple times per month. RCIís shoppers use RCI's propriety online software program to enter their reports from anywhere in the world. The online system produces detailed reports with a numerical rating system, utilizing a shop template that limits subjectivity and shopper bias... Read More

"Shopping Service Offered as Management Tool"- Midwest Food Service News

The more sophisticated mystery shopping services, like the shopping service designed by Restaurant Consultants, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, shops a restaurant as part of an overall plan to help management train employees to be gracious ambassadors for the business and subtle, profitable sales people. " ... Read More

"Mystery Shoppers detect Problems for Retailers "- Business First

RCI Mystery Shopping is designed to improve the operation's service and efficiency. It's also used to monitor bartenders and servers suggestive selling techniques and obligate them to fulfill their job description by selling high-profit menu items including appetizers, soups, salads and desserts... Read More

"Service With A Smile Isn't Always Enough"- Small Business News

Mystery shoppers pose as regular customers and observe such fundamentals as customer service, cleanliness, food quality and suggestive selling which is reported back to management and to the reviewed employees... Read More

"Service and Selling Training Adds Sales"- Midwest Food Service News

A professional mystery shopping service can put more dollars in to the operatorís pocket, as well as the pockets of the restaurantís commissioned sales persons Ė the servers and bartenders... Read More
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