Manual Maker Pro™

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Finally there is software that allows you to develop professional service procedure manuals for your restaurant. These professional manuals define your restaurant's service and salesmanship criteria resulting in dramatically improved guest service and increased check averages.

Manual Maker Pro ™ allows restaurateurs to professionally train their service staff to provide guests with extraordinary service. With this simple, easy-to-use software restaurateurs can produce professional service training manuals and testing for the host, cocktail server, bartender, server and server assistant positions. With professional manuals, service associates dramatically improve customer service and increase check averages 5% to 10% or more by utilizing simple, but effective suggestive selling and up-selling techniques!

Custom-fitted service procedure manuals define the standards of personal appearance, public relations, rules of service, service procedures, wine service, suggestive selling and up-selling. Editing capabilities allow restaurateurs to select individual criteria and to easily change text and scripting to personalize the manuals for their restaurant. This remarkable software easily adapts from casual dining to fine dining.

  • Dramatically Improves Customer Service
  • Improves Salesmanship Performance
  • Increase Check Averages
  • Increases Sales and Profits
  • Easily adapts to casual restaurants and fine dining
  • Easy-to-use software – just point and click
  • Simple to customize to fit any full-service restaurant
  • Host, cocktail server, server, bartender server assistant
  • Scripted service procedures for maximum effectiveness
  • Produces automated testing for certification
  • Produces quizzes for testing and certification
Chapter Categories
  • Personal Appearance
  • Public Relations
  • Rules of Service
  • Table Top (Server, Cocktail, Bartender)
  • Service Procedures
  • Mixology (Bartender)
  • Wine Service (Server & Bartender)
  • Cash Handling
  • Suggestive Selling
  • Up-Selling
  • Legal & Code Compliance
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Manual Maker Pro™ easy to use?
A: Yes. Manual Maker Pro™ is a stand alone software program that is easy to use - all you do is point and click to modify and personalize the manual content. Then use the built-in spell checker and print your manuals and testing.

Q: Can I customize the manuals?
A: Yes. Manual Maker Pro™ allows you to personalize your manuals, adding your restaurant’s name and menu items as examples, as well as add and modify the criteria, procedures and scripting to fit your operation’s unique needs.

Q: Why is Manual Maker Pro™ called a “professional” service procedure manual?
A: Restaurant Consultants, Inc. has been in the business of service training since 1981, providing restaurants, hotels and private clubs with professional service training components including manuals, workshops and mystery shopping. Manual Maker Pro™ sets the industry standard for professional service training manuals and testing.

Q: How can Manual Maker Pro™ improve customer service?
A: Manual Maker Pro™ provides easy-to-learn criteria for personal appearance, public relations, service procedures and salesmanship that allows your service staff to improve their performance, enhancing customer service. increasing check averages and building customer loyalty.

Q: How can Manual Maker Pro™ increase sales?
A: Manual Maker Pro™ utilizes proven suggestive selling and up-selling techniques for high-margin menu items including beverages, appetizers, soups, salads, toppings, side dishes, desserts and coffees. Servers are motivated to increase their check average to increase their tips and income, increasing sales from 5% to 10% or more!
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