"People, Sales & Profits"

One-Half Day Seminar

As we are all aware, sales are vital to the success of a restaurant and maintaining profitability is a constant challenge for every manager. Operators and managers are under increasing pressure to improve sales and bring their restaurants into a more profitable mode. People, sales and profits are the three cornerstones of a successful restaurant operation - salesmanship is the catalyst!

“People, Sales and Profits” is an instructional seminar that provides operators and managers with the components of a successful salesmanship program. The seminar illustrates how a successful salesmanship program, coupled with a motivational incentive/reward program can dramatically increase sales and profits, as well as provide customers with a more enjoyable dining experience. In addition, increased ticket averages translate into higher tips, which in turn means lowered turn-over.

Managers will gain valuable knowledge, tools and techniques to improve their service staff’s product knowledge and suggestive selling techniques. In addition, you will learn how to implement an incentive/reward program to maintain the sales program.

“People, Sales and Profits” is a win, win, win program – improving customer enjoyment, increasing sales and profits, as well as ensuring associate success and lowering turn-over.
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